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Professional registration with the Science Council

Professional registration is your opportunity to give your science career a lift and be recognised by your peers.


All staff in the technical job family are encouraged to join the Imperial College Technicians’ Network. The Network aims to build links and establish common ground as well as providing further opportunities for development and collaborative working including exchange of resources, knowledge and experience. We do this through a regular newsletter and events, including an annual Imperial College Technicians’ conference.  There is also a SharePoint site for technical staff which can be used to share and store relevant information or for discussion forums.
We are also working in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, via a HEFCE funded Catalyst project, to support the development of Technical staff throughout the HE sector. We have relationships with several of the professional bodies for Technical staff including the Institute of Science and Technology and HEaTED and encourage technical staff to apply for professional registration to support their careers and professional development.

For further information, to join the Network, or to make suggestions for future networking activities then please contact Lindsay Comalie.


Technicians are entitled to attend any of the suite of programmes run by the Learning and Development Centre. These are divided into three core themes Imperial Professional Development (IPD), Safety and Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP). The former consists of programmes largely aimed at developing knowledge and skills associated with individual performance within the Imperial workplace and the latter targets the development of those who tend to be responsible for the work of others as a manager or leader. Safety speaks for itself.

We have also designed an internal Training the Trainer course for Technical Staff, to support the development of skills and confidence to deliver training, and contribute to the sharing of knowledge within the College's Technical community.

If a group of eight or more people want one of our existing programmes tailored or wish to discuss the possibility of designing a new programme please contact for more details.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is conducted under the auspices of the Imperial Coaching Academy and is available to anyone who feels they could benefit from the assistance of a coach.
Mentoring tends to be a more informal arrangement. We suggest that if you want a mentor (typically a few grades your senior and not in a direct managerial line above you) that you select someone who you think suitable and approach them yourself. However assistance is available, should you require it.
For advice on the roles of mentor and mentee, click here.

Technical Training

Our capacity to provide technical training is limited and so we have corporate membership of Higher Education and Technicians Education and Development (HEaTED), which allows any technician from Imperial access to the website and, through that, to their training provision. We are eligible for the lower, membership, rates for training and this should normally be paid by the department of anyone attending.