Imperial Expectations

Imperial Expectations guides the behaviour of all our staff. The seven statements shape the working lives of all of us. They can be used as a benchmark for what is expected of us within our current roles. Read more >>>


If you have any useful resources to share, please email:

Susan Littleson

‘Welcome to the Career Development Support pages, bringing together a range of activities and resources designed to support our staff through all areas related to career development and managing their careers. This might be through short-term needs such as the end of a fixed-term contract, responding to organisational change, and supporting staff as they look towards longer-term aspirations.

As part of Vision 2020, and our contribution to Imperial College’s Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2020, we are committed to the development of staff in all areas.   Our goal is to ensure that our staff are clear about what they need to do to manage their career and that they are given supported opportunities to reflect on and develop their skills and capabilities.  I hope you will find this resource useful and informative.’

 Susan Littleson, ODI

What are the benefits for me?

  • Workshops and coaching to support self-awareness, identifying your career goals and steps to achieving them
  • Developing an increased ability to anticipate and tap into employers’ needs and respond to work-based change
  • Resources to help you prepare for your career development
  • Opportunities to broaden your horizons and raise awareness of new challenges