Welcome to Imperial College’s targeted talent development programmes for Professional Services staff

The College’s focus on talent development builds on, and extends, the learning and development provision that has been on offer for a number of years, and is designed to recognise those staff who both perform outstandingly well and who have the leadership potential, aspiration and engagement to rise through the organisation.

Talent management is championed and supported by senior managers in the College, who see it as critical in identifying and recognising the talent of our staff and providing enhanced opportunities for development, thereby ensuring that staff are able to contribute to the best of their ability and for the benefit of the College.

The first talent programme, Horizon, for level 4 staff ran in 2009 and again in 2016-17. Other talent programmes include Pegasus in 2010-2011, which had a particular focus on supporting those staff at level 3a and 3b who were seen to be capable of moving into broader administrative and management roles within the College. The two recent programmes, Meridian, 2013-4 and Senior Women Leaders 2015 have focused on senior staff.

Talent Development Strategy