Mentoring potentially benefits both mentor and mentee and therefore the College.

Thinking about becoming a mentor?

Effective mentors have the ability to do the following:


  • Build rapport
  • Listen and accurately ascertain meaning
  • Ask questions and encourage others to explore issues
  • Structure conversations
  • Encourage and allow the mentee to take the initiative
  • Provide feedback that is both challenging and empathic
  • Offer knowledge and advice with care
  • Offer fresh perspectives
  • Maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality
  • Commit sufficient time and mental energy to the mentoring relationship

To help decide if you are ready to be a mentor:

  • Talk to others who already are mentoring
  • Think about your own experiences of being mentored – what worked and what didn’t

Once you have decided you have the attributes, the time and energy to become a mentor, and have completed the self-assessment form you will be invited to participate in a mentor briefing.
Further guidance for mentors in the "Further resources" section.