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Comments from past mentees:

  • I have had a fantastic experience with my mentor
  • It was extremely useful for me to identify crucial next steps.
  • This has helped me to evaluate my priorities
  • Useful, insightful and open conversations
  • My mentor was a very good listener, not judgemental and very supportive
  • I am getting to know the areas I need to  work on to improve

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to mentoring and recognises the important role it can play in supporting career advancement and increasing effectiveness and confidence.

Contacts in the faculty

Your local mentoring contacts:

The schemes are open to all staff – academic, teaching, early career researchers, professional and technical.
We are keen to support a variety of mentoring relationships:

  •  with senior staff or peers
  •  short and long term relationships

At whatever stage of your career, we encourage you to think about whether having a mentor would be helpful to you. Whether you are interested in being a mentor or finding one, the links on the right-hand side of this page provide useful information.

The schemes operate broadly on an annual cycle: advertising the schemes early in the year, making matches in February/March and evaluating the impact of mentoring in the following autumn.
We recognise that there may be requests for mentoring outside of these times and we will still aim to respond positively and find a suitable mentor.