awp logoThe Academic Women’s Programme (AWP) is designed to support Academic Women at Imperial through a targeted range of development interventions.

Academic Women’s Programme

Programme Detail

Sonia Kumar

The 2018 AWP programme was a 6-day programme spread over a 3-month period with a six-month follow up. It focused on senior lecturers (clinical and non-clinical) because employment data showed consistently slower progression for women compared to men at this stage and there were different responses to key engagement questions in the 2017 staff survey.

The next programme is due to run in 2020 and discussions are currently underway with Deans, FOOs and Athena Leads to decide the focus of this programme.

As soon as the programme is agreed it will be widely advertised – probably in early December 2019.

Why women-only?

While we support equality of access to goals and opportunity for men and women alike, we recognise that women are not always on an equal playing field in the first instance due to long-term societal biases. This means women may need additional support to compete fairly. We therefore believe that women-only programmes promote equity in an organisations such as Imperial that is male-dominated, particularly at a senior level.

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Comments from 2018 participants

"Very positive, self-reflective, actual things to try, even scientific collaborations"
"Time and space to think proactively about goals, career and day to day efficiency"
"The programme has raised my awareness of many aspects: myself, as a leader, as a communicator, a scientist"
"I am more effective day to day and a bit more strategic"
"Understanding what we are expected to do at this career level"
"I am more effective day to day and a bit more strategic"
"Great new connections and network"

The AWP Team

Fiona Richmond - Organisational Development Consultant

Fiona RichmondTel:   020 7594 1128

Melanie Lee - Organisational Development Consultant

Melanie Lee Tel: 020 7594 0967


Rochelle Dalrymple - Learning and Development Programme Coordinator
Tel: 020 7594 0975