awp logoThe Academic Women’s Programme (AWP) is designed to support Academic Women at Imperial through a targeted range of development interventions.

Academic Women’s Programme

Programme Detail

Programme detail

Sonia KumarThe aim of the AWP is to provide an opportunity for successful senior academic women to build skills and strategies to support further career progression. The AWP provides a confidential and supportive environment to share experiences, explore any barriers to progression and to consider useful new techniques and approaches.
Content over the six day programme has been designed to reflect needs arising from Athena SWAN data, and wider research around gender inequality, assumptions, and stereotypes. The programme has also drawn on feedback from current Imperial academic staff and leadership, and previous programme delegates.

AWP 2018 is aimed specifically at women in senior lecturer roles at Imperial (Assistant Professor in the Business School). The focus on this staff group responds to College data which shows slower progression for women at this level than men, and to the staff survey that reveals distinct gender differences in key engagement indicators in this role.


As part of this programme you will be matched with a mentor from the academic community. A mentor is someone usually more senior to you who provides a safe, confidential space for you to explore issue and draws upon their expertise and knowledge to support your development.
On application, you will be asked to indicate the sorts of issues/areas where conversations with a mentor would be beneficial. Mentoring discussions are particularly beneficial in areas such as career progression, work-life balance, career breaks, organisational politics, specific challenges etc. While you are expected to meet with your mentor as part of the programme, this mentoring partnership could also continue beyond the duration of the AWP if both parties agree.

Why women-only?

While we support equality of access to goals and opportunity for men and women alike, we recognise that women are not always on an equal playing field in the first instance due to long-term societal biases. This means women may need additional support to compete fairly. We therefore believe that women-only programmes promote equity in an organisations such as Imperial that is male-dominated, particularly at a senior level.

Further reading360 Feedback Survey

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 During the 6 month programme, participants will be invited to take part in a 360 feedback survey.
Summary of the table's contents


These days are designed to fit together as a full programme, not as single modules. Undertaking the programme will be a commitment to undertake all six days of the programme.  As part of the programme participants will also be offered the opportunity for undertaking a 360 feedback survey.

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Comments from past participants

“A very beneficial aspect is to share experience and in particular difficulties encountered (such that you realise that you are not alone to deal with them) and to share ways followed to solve them”

“It is very important to help step back and think from outside the box”

“It saved my career altogether, and enabled me not only to survive, but to grow and develop into the role I now have”

“The cohort was a mix of different women at different stages and with completely different characters which made it very interesting”

The AWP Team

Fiona Richmond - Organisational Development Consultant

Fiona RichmondTel:   020 7594 1128

Dr Liz Elvidge - Head - Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre

Liz ElvidgeTel: 020 7594 1562

Rochelle Dalrymple - Learning and Development Programme Coordinator
Tel: 020 7594 0975