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Trainer: Stuart Hunt - External Consultant
Cost: Internal no charge. External not available
Duration: 1 day (09:30 - 16:30)


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Who should attend

This one day workshop is designed to be an introduction for anyone who wants to consider how they communicate. It will help you discover the behaviours and practise the techniques that will enhance your communication ability. Enhancing your communication skills will help you build more productive relationships and obtain successful outcomes in any situation.

Within the context of College strategy and the increased emphasis on collaborative working, the course will enhance self-awareness in relation to working with others, and develop a range of skills and behaviours that will enhance collaboration.
The course will particularly appeal to people:

  • who want to make more of an impact in their team or project group
  • working in and across distributed groups who want to improve working relationships
  • who want to understand how diversity and individual preference impact on collaborative working
  • transitioning from independent working to more collaborative working or who are new to a team or work group
  • who want to understand more about their preferred role in a team or group (in contrast to their explicit ‘task’ role)
  • who aspire to management and leadership of teams and projects

Key areas

  • review their understanding of the purpose, benefits (and costs) of collaborative working for themselves and for their colleagues
  • recognise the characteristics that are likely to be observed within an effective collaborative group or team
  • consider the implications of emerging patterns of team work – collaborative working at a distance
  • identify their personally preferred role when working with others, and what they contribute as a result of this preference
  • recognise the benefits of a diverse group membership
  • practice and develop skills that will enhance effective collaborative working

Further Information

You can also improve your writing skills with Communicating for Results.


Help and feedback



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Feedback from past participants

"Exceeded my expectations. Cemented and reinforced things I had thought before as well as teaching me new ones.
The trainer was very good, particularly at getting us to share and using examples from our experience. "