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Trainer: Hazel Carter-Showell
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 2 hours


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This two-hour virtual workshop recognises that the shift back to the workplace will start at some point, but whenever it does it will present new communication and management challenges.  Managers may be dealing with different types of emotion from grief, ranging from bereavement to the loss of old ways of working; to survivor guilt and emotions around uncertainty. 

In particular, we will cover:

  1. Understanding grief – how you can support colleagues through loss
  2. How can leaders reduce the personal and organisational impact of survivor syndrome for those who feel guilty that their lives were less impacted than others
  3. What new habits can be created now everything is changing? (and how do you reduce the emotional impact of uncertainty)

Participants will learn the psychology that links people, place and habit, and how to change them. This is a highly interactive workshop, so come prepared to share, talk and discover.