Overview of the programme:

Modules and other information

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Feedback from previous participant

“I really enjoyed the programme. The courses were really helpful and I learned a lot about myself - things I do well and things I need to work on. I do think the programme has made me a stronger manager, as it gave me the tools to look at my team and decide how to run things better.”

Academic year 2020/2021

 ILMDP supports and develops Imperial leaders and managers from their initial steps into management through to senior roles. The intent is to create a cohort of leaders/managers that others want to work with and who are focused on both results and people. ILMDP does this by focusing on:

  • What makes an effective leader/manager
  • What leaders/managers actually do in real life
  • Putting learning directly into practice

The programme has been designed to help existing leaders/managers develop skills, behaviours and approaches mindset for current and future roles. It includes the following key areas:

  • Managing self and personal skills - increasing self-awareness, reflecting on own leadership and management style, developing emotional intelligence
  • Working with people – engaging, connecting, building trust and respectful relationships, being an inclusive leader, working with teams and groups, being a remote leader, increasing collaboration
  • Providing direction – engaging with vision and purpose, contributing to the future direction
  • Achieving results – managing own and others performance, utilising available resources
  • Leading and dealing with change – engaging others, encouraging improvement and innovation, developing an agile mindset.

The programme provides invaluable learning opportunities, designed to fit busy schedules via a blend of self-study,  virtual sessions focused on practice, action learning sets and coaching (Self-study activities are also open and accessible to those who do not wish to participate in the full programme). The programme offers psychometric tools to support self-awareness and consider impact on others.  ILMDP is modular so that leaders/managers can progress through the programme at a pace that suits them.

ILMDP is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) at Level 5. More about the background and basis for ILMDP is available on our ILMDP Strategy page.


Before you start

ILMDP is a full leadership and management programme therefore it is important to consider the time commitment required in order to complete the programme in 18 to 36 months. A conversation with your line manager about the commitment to the programme and how you will put your learning into practice is vital. This Programme planner will help you schedule your learning activities evenly over this period of time.

If you have completed any of the required modules within five years of enrolling on ILMDP, these can usually be credited as long as there have been no major changes to module content during that time. The exception is Recruitment and Selection where there are more stringent requirements to ensure knowledge and competence is up to date. Except for the Recruitment and Selection course, which has specific requirements.

Eligibility to the programme

The ILMDP takes a practical approach to development: applying learning in everyday work is imperative for learning transfer to happen. Therefore, to participate in the ILMDP and/or some of the modules, you will need to currently manage staff at Imperial. This includes:

Many of the ILMDP modules can be accessed separately on a stand-alone basis.

If you are not yet in a leadership/management role and are interested in progressing your career in that direction consider taking Online Learning for Aspiring managers,  exploring Imperial Professional Development (IPD) provision and LinkedIn Learning.

How to apply

How to apply - full description below

  1. *Complete Introduction to Management at Imperial first as a standalone module
  2. Complete and submit the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP) application form
  3. A member of the LDC will then contact you within 48 hours

*No applications will be processed unless you attend this course and complete all the self-study materials first.
For further information about this programme contact: Céline Bleziri, the ILMDP Coordinator in the Learning and Development Centre.


You are expected to:

  • Make a time to commit to the programme
  • Discuss your leadership/management needs and aspirations with your line manager and within the PRDP process
  • Let LDC know of any accessibility issues or required adjustments
  • Plan your work to complete the programme requirements
  • Commit time to the self-study materials
  • Book on courses early to secure your place
  • Inform LDC in case of any additional time required by you to complete the programme