Information and Booking

Trainer: Patrick Haywood – External Consultant
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: Module 1: 3 hours + Module 2: 3,5 hours (attendance to both is required)
Format: Online and self-study

02 December-(13:00-16:00) & 09 December-(13:00-16:30)
11 February-(09:30-12:30) & 23 February-(09:30-13:00)

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Who should attend

This virtual workshop is designed for leaders/managers who want to develop key skills, knowledge and behaviours to ensure they can deliver high impact, quality work in a way that fosters trust, inclusivity, accountability, creativity, teamwork and collective achievement, while also recognising and developing individual contribution.


The workshop focusses on having effective conversations where the circumstances or the content has the potential to make them difficult or challenging. It aims to increase leaders/managers skills and confidence in initiating and holding a difficult conversation with others; practice having such conversations and receive feedback; understanding of the consequences of avoiding such conversations, or not handling them well; understand the value and positive impact of having these conversations on departmental and organisational culture and effectiveness.
The session consists of two short virtual workshops (both must be attended) and self-study. At the end of each workshop, delegates will be asked to put in place an action plan to test how they will use what they have learned.


The workshop will give delegates skills and knowledge to:

  • Initiate difficult conversations so that both parties are clear on the expected outcomes
  • Deal with performance and behaviour issues in a two-way conversation
  • Provide clear balanced feedback when behaviour/performance falls below what is required
  • Use behaviours to support positive conversation and to reduce threat and defence response in others
  • Understand impact of own bias


The course requires a certain amount of essential preparation. Delegates will need to complete all the essential elements:

  • Before Module 1 complete:
    • Great expectations quiz
    • Online awareness questionnaire
    • Watch ‘Difficult conversations’ video
  • Before Module 2:
    • Complete Employee Effectiveness Questionnaire
  • Action planning and putting learning into practice