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Trainers: LDC Consultants
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 0.5 day (09:30 - 12:30)
Format: Online and self-study

17 November
20 January
18 March
18 May
24 June
21 July

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This intensive 1-day course is Core 1 element of the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme specifically designed to meet the needs of College leaders and managers with responsibility for small to medium size groups/teams.
Staff will be expected to have attended "Introduction to Leadership and Management at Imperial (ILMDP prerequisite)" before booking on this course, at least two months prior to the Introduction to Managing Groups and Teams course.

If you are interested in enrolling on the ILMDP, complete and submit the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP) application form.


This course builds upon the skills and tools for getting results through individuals and draws upon practical research into leading successful groups and teams. It provides leaders/managers across academic and professional roles with models, tools, and skills to build and manage an effective group/team and work remotely.
Delegates will consider what makes groups/teams effective and how to shape the work environment to get work done efficiently and effectively and in a way that motivates and inspires staff. This will lay the foundation for getting results through nurturing trust between people.


  • The course consists of self-study and a virtual session focused on practice
  • Please complete relevant self-study prior to attending the virtual session which builds on materials covered there
  • Pre and post-workshop self-study consist of bite-size theory, questionnaires, quizzes, articles, etc. and can be accessed in own time (you don’t have to be booked to the virtual session to access self-study materials)

Who should attend

The course is aimed at new and experienced managers who are currently leading a small to medium size group/team and who wish to learn or refresh their knowledge in this area. The course facilitator will also consider delegates who are going to be, or currently are, leading specific College projects and/or groups and who will benefit from this course.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:•    Identify the difference between groups and teams and take appropriate action

  • Communicate their group/team’s purpose, strengths, culture, and development needs
  • Identify stages of group/team development and pick up tips on how to accelerate the process
  • Understand what makes an effective team
  • Understand how to be an inclusive leader and to identify key actions
  • Identify the key elements for leading and managing remotely  (trust, cohesion, communication · Problem solve and communicate in groups/teams more effectively


The course requires a certain amount of essential preparation. Delegates will need to complete all the pre-course self-study work and refresh the knowledge from Introduction to Leadership and Management.
The facilitator will assume the pre-course preparation has been thoroughly completed prior to the course and there will not be an opportunity during the course to repeat it.

Further information

For this course, you can submit a booking form to be added to our interest list if a date is showing as "Fully Booked".