To complete the programme and receive certification and recognition, each participant will have completed:

* This course is designed for people who manage a team of a reasonable size and/or their role requires them to strongly influence the work and productivity of other people’s teams, such as Departmental Operational Managers. This course also includes a 360° review

Other mandatory and elective modules can be completed in any order before, between or after taking the three Core face to face modules.

Once you have attended all core and elective elements, you will need to contact the programme coordinator Céline Bleziri - - to organise the final meeting.

You can check your progress on ICIS

Please note that modules Core 1 and 2 must be attended in order as shown below, with a gap of at least 4-6 months. It is essential that you allow this gap in order to let the learning ‘sink in’ and to be able to apply and practice new management techniques in real-life situations. Introduction to Management at Imperial must be completed prior to attending Core 2.
The other mandatory and elective modules can be completed in any order.

Leave a 4 months gap bteween core 1 and 2