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November 2017

What new courses do you need? Do you need more e-learning opportunities? Is coaching and mentoring available to all?

We are always looking at ways to improve our learning provision. At the moment we are looking at provision for people in the Professional, Technical and Operational and the Teaching and Learning families.
We recently sent out a short survey. If you are in one of these job families and haven’t already done so would you please complete this survey. Closing date: 01 December 2017.
Your help is much appreciated!

Public engagement and evaluation masterclassespublic engagement

Three public engagement masterclasses are available this term, open to staff who want to find out more about public engagement and how to plan and evaluate activities.
The Exploring Public Engagement and Evaluating Engagement masterclasses aim to help staff to build on public engagement goals to deliver enjoyable and meaningful activities.
The new Engagement Ideas masterclass aims to help staff to develop ideas for public engagement with the creative input of colleagues.

There will be a session on Exploring Public Engagement on 27 November and a session on Evaluating Engagement on 4 December.

NEW!! Academic Masterclasses

Three new masterclasses for academics (Working with Industry, Science and Social Media, and Techniques for Effective Public Speaking) are being introduced to the LDC calendar in 2017/18 as part of our Development Opportunities for Academics offer. These were developed and piloted last year in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Research Committee, and are now available to across the College.

New to our academic masterclasses is, Academic Overload: How to Better Balance Your Competing Commitments. This interactive workshop will explore the challenges of academic overload and ways to move beyond it. You will learn practical tools to balance your professional and personal commitments, while enhancing your enjoyment and sense of fulfilment in all areas.

The sessions are all half day in length, and designed to provide direction and practice around key academic-specific communication skills. The sessions are led by experts in the relevant field and generally aimed at early career academics. 

Other Development Opportunities

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Calibre Programme 2018

The Calibre Programme is a leadership development programme for disabled staff. It aims to develop and implement strategies that reflect the unique challenges and experiences of disabled staff. It has been designed to address the distinct and often subtle barriers disabled staff face in the work place. The Calibre Programme imparts knowledge and techniques to overcome and master barriers when operating in the workplace.

The programme is delivered by Dr Ossie Stuart, an international disability consultant and academic, alongside the College's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre.

Dates for 2018 are now live on the Equality web pages.

Below is just a selection of our courses. See the full list here.  
Academic Overload: How to better balance your competing commitments 14 November 2017
How Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Can Impact Your Research 15 November 2017
Science and Social Media Workshop 17 November 2017
Techniques for Effective Public Speaking 28 November 2017
Networking Skills 06 December 2017
Introduction to Management at Imperial 07 & 14 December 2017
Working with industry at Imperial 07 December 2017
Recruitment and Selection Training 11 December 2017
Disability Equality Training 12 December 2017
Imperial Insights 12 December 2017
Interview Skills 19 December 2017
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