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October 2017

National Stress Awareness Day 2017stress ball

This year the Staff Wellbeing Network (reps from OH, EDIC, Sport Imperial, LDC, HR, Chaplaincy) has chosen the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (with a twist) as our theme for the National Stress Awareness Campaign 01 and 02 November  2017.

The 5 Ways have been devised as a simple evidence based model to help improve wellbeing.

  • Connect - with friends family and people around you
  • Keep learning - maintain interest and mental agility
  • Take notice* - be curious, savor the moment
  • Give/Share - A smile, time knowledge
  • Be active - maintain and improve physical fitness

*The twist.... we are encouraging people to Take Notice of their financial wellbeing, a number of reports on Employee Financial Wellbeing have been published this year, it is a significant personal stressor very often impacting wellbeing and relationships, a complex issue requiring continuous engagement and support.

Can we inspire you to incorporate the 5 ways into your daily lives? Check out the Health and Wellbeing web pages to find out what’s running and when.

NEW!! Academic Overload: How to better balance Masterclasswork life balance

14 November 2017 - 9.30 -12.30 - SALC 8
This interactive workshop will explore the challenges of academic overload and ways to move beyond it.

You will learn practical tools to balance your professional and personal commitments, while enhancing your enjoyment and sense of fulfilment in all areas.

Other Development Opportunities

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10th October - World Mental Health Day

The World Health Organisation has nominated Tuesday 10th October as World Mental Health Day,  the theme of which is Mental Health in the Workplace. This is a good opportunity to reflect on our mental wellbeing and take positive steps towards nurturing it. 
Coinciding with the start of term there are no specific events, however it presents a timely opportunity to send this reminder of the sources of support available for staff in College.   


Below is just a selection of our courses. See the full list here.  
Introduction to Management at Imperial 17 & 24 October
Career Strategies  26 October
Building Personal Resilience 02 November
Stress Awareness 02 November
Stress Less: Insights and Techniques 02 November
Briefing and Report Writing 07 November
Working with industry at Imperial (For Academic Staff) 07 November
Recruitment and Selection Training 08 November
Academic Overload: How to better balance 14 November
Science and Social Media Workshop (For Academic Staff) 17 November
Leading Successful Teams 23 & 24 November
Techniques for Effective Public Speaking (For Academic Staff) 28 November
Collaborative Working 29 November
Introduction to Management at Imperial 07 & 14 December
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