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The 2017 Pilot Skills Survey is now closed.
The Highlight Report is available here.
Skills Survey Report

Imperial College are working with the University of Sheffield on a project that has been funded from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to pioneer work to enhance the excellence and efficiency of the technical workforce in higher education. Research by the Technician Council has found that the UK must educate another 450,000 technicians across all sectors by 2020 to address a massive skills shortage.  This work aims to address the growing technical skills gap in a number of ways, focussing primarily on addressing career progression within the higher education technician community. As part of this project we have supported the development of a Technicians Skills Survey by running a pilot survey at Imperial College in 2017.

The data from the pilot survey has now been shared with all survey participants and Faculty level reports are being prepared for local use. The Highlight report is available, for further details, and we are working on the outlined next steps, including planned activities for Technical staff development.

James StirlingAt Imperial we are committed to building a supportive staff community across all functions, and that includes providing opportunities for all staff to progress their careers at the College. The Technicians Skills Survey is a valuable opportunity for you to influence the College’s next steps for supporting and developing its technical staff. I would encourage you to make the time to complete it.
Professor James Stirling, first Provost of Imperial College London

Steve RamseyBeing nominated for Royal Society of Chemistry’s Technician of the Year Award  has been a real highlight of my career. With this award and with the expert guidance of Alastair McIntosh from Imperial, a mentor on professional registration, I’ve become, at the age of 62, the first Imperial technician to receive the status of Registered Science Technician. I encourage all technical staff to complete the Skills Survey and help the College develop and enhance its support for Technical staff
Stephen Ramsey, Scientific Glassblower

If you have any further questions regarding this survey then you can contact Ailish Harikae

Further Information below:

What are the aims of the survey?

The goal of this survey is to have a positive impact on the career development and progression of all technical staff in higher education. Your feedback will help both Imperial College and the project, to ensure that this is achieved. We plan to use the survey output to guide our next steps in supporting and developing technical staff at Imperial College.

What are the benefits of taking part?

There are a number of benefits for staff who complete the survey:

  • Technical staff will have the chance to spend time recording their skills. This data can be used in subsequent applications for memberships with professional bodies and professional registration.
  • You will have the opportunity, during working hours, to think about what you currently do in your role, the University and beyond.
  • All participants will receive a copy of their responses, which they may find useful for their own personal career development.
  • Assisting the College to collate information on the most essential areas for skills improvement and planning our next steps.

How do I take part?

As part of this project, we will invite all Technical staff to complete a Skills Survey - each member of the technical staff community will be sent their own link. We are hoping to obtain a clearer understanding of what technicians actually do (their skills and responsibilities), any skills gaps (current and future) and your development needs, to ensure a professional workforce and to support a College-wide approach to supporting and developing Technical staff.  

What will I be asked?

The survey will ask questions related to your role as a technician, your areas of responsibility and the skills and techniques you commonly use in your job. The skills list was added to by Imperial Technical Managers to ensure that our skills are reflected.  You can complete the survey on any computer/device with an internet connection and it should be completed during your normal working hours.

How long will the survey take?

The time it takes to complete the survey can vary depending on the individual and the institution. The survey should be completed during the working day. The average time taken is between 30-60 minutes to complete (depending upon your skill set). The survey does not have to be completed in one sitting - you can come back to it as many times as you like, but it must be submitted before the closing date.

Is the survey confidential?

The data will be held confidentially within the project by both Imperial College and the HEFCE TDM project. All reporting, both within the University and to HEFCE will be anonymised aside from the Technical Managers Report. Information shared as part of these Technical Manager Reports will be on a confidential basis. Non-anonymised information will only be shared with the express agreement of the respondent. At the end of the survey participants will be offered the decision of whether their information is included in Technical Manager Reports anonymously or confidentially. Reports / Information shared as part of the feedback process will be done so through password protected files. All information shared outside the University and with HEFCE will be anonymised.
We are responsible for looking after your information and using it properly. Imperial College London will keep identifiable information about you for 2 years from the completion of the survey