Who should attend

All staff or postgraduate students whose activities involve working with compressed gases and connecting regulators in a laboratory environment should attend this course.

Essential Information

Delegates must complete the relevant e-learning session: Compressed gases and connecting gas regulators e-learning prior to making the booking request.
You will be emailed a unique ID and a link to a booking form on successful completion of the e-learning module.
Delegates must  also read the Code of Practice – Gases CoP Safe handling

Key Areas

  • Why accidents happen
  • Risk assessment
  • Correctly identifying gas cylinders
  • Identifying potential hazards and defects of gas regulators
  • Understanding how to fit a regulator to a cylinder valve
  • Recognising the need to open cylinder valves slowly
  • Knowing how to correctly leak test gas cylinders correctly
  • Recognising the hazards involved when handling gas cylinders
  • Demonstration of manual handling techniques

Further Information