Good Practice

The programme tabled below is designed to introduce staff to the larger library environment of which all staff are a part.

Prior to this programme, new members of staff will have received individual induction in the immediate workplace, completed the College induction checklist provided by HR, received individual IT induction and an introduction to the library system as appropriate.

New staff are normally expected to attend Service Skills (customer care) training during the first term.

If there are fewer than four new staff members the programme may be reduced or parts postponed to the following term, or sessions run on an informal basis.

 Week 1

Introduction – what, why; culture and communication
Tour of Central Library

Week 2

User Services team
Disability Awareness

Week 3

A Faculty Support directorate team
Learning and Development

Week 4

Strategy and Innovation Support Services
Week 5

Library Directorate
Administration team

Week 6

Faculty Support Medicine team
Visit to a medical campus library