The STAR Framework is a flexible, achievable pathway towards HEA Fellowship enabling you to use all of your existing and past teaching experience to make your claim. For more experienced teachers and teaching fellows it is likely that you will be able to achieve Fellowship or Senior Fellowship (at Higher Education Academy). The STAR Framework is designed to fit around busy academic schedules and enables you to get recognition for the full range of teaching, including informal teaching and supervision. For those for whom teaching is an important part of their role, professional recognition with Fellowship can be important evidence in promotion and progression. Given the impending introduction of the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), this is becoming increasingly important across the whole UK higher education sector and beyond.

If you are a more experienced teacher with a wider range of skills related to teaching and learning you are likely to be eligible to apply for Fellowship of the HEA (at Higher Education Academy); and for those who have a leadership role within teaching you may be working towards Senior Fellowship of the HEA (at Higher Education Academy). In order to gain Fellowship or Senior Fellowship (at Higher Education Academy) you will need to write a reflective account of your own teaching experiences and the impact that your teaching has had on learners. This reflective account is based around key themes such as planning, teaching, assessment and feedback which form the basis of good practice in teaching. The best place to start would be to attend a STAR introductory workshop as this allows participants to begin writing their application and to find out about further professional development opportunities within teaching and learning.