The STAR Framework is a flexible, achievable pathway towards HEA Fellowship using existing and past teaching experience to make your claim. It is designed to fit around your various roles and takes a broad definition of teaching; informal teaching and supervision can be used as effectively to make your claim as more formal lecturing. Given the impending introduction of the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), teaching and learning is becoming increasingly important even for those for whom teaching is not central to their role.

Even if you have relatively limited or narrow teaching experience, you may still be eligible to become an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (at Higher Education Academy) and so the best place for you to start would be to attend a STAR introductory workshop. This will allow you to align your experiences with the requirements of the application and also find ways that you can improve your case for Associate Fellowship. An application at Associate Fellow level requires you to write a short account detailing your teaching experiences and reflecting on the way your teaching impacted on the learners. Even if your experience is not sufficient at the moment we will guide you as to how best to get the type of experience which will allow you to complete an application in the future.