Even for those who have a predominantly research role, professional recognition of teaching skills and experience can be important. Many funding providers are asking for specific evidence of public engagement and wider communication of research. Furthermore, given the impending introduction of the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), teaching and learning is becoming increasingly important even for those who are predominantly engaged with research.

The STAR Framework provides a flexible, achievable pathway towards HEA Fellowship using any teaching experience, including informal teaching and support, and research and student supervision. It is designed to fit around your research and other commitments and enable you to get recognition for any teaching that you do.

Obtaining Higher Education Academy (HEA) recognition demonstrates your commitment to good practice in teaching and by signing up to a STAR introductory workshop you will also find out how to further your professional development and experiences in this area. In order to gain HEA Fellowship you will be required to write a short application which will focus on your own teaching and what you have gained from these experiences. This application will allow you to outline the impact that your teaching has had on learners and the steps you have taken to improve your practice.