What we are doing

We are always working to improve the digital skills training provision to offer a diverse set of learning opportunities to provide you with the digital communications knowledge you need.

We currently provide a number of online materials in the Web Guide, including CMS how to guides, top tips and web skills articles, alongside this we also provide in person training courses, for example, Introduction to T4 Site Manager and Writing for the web.

We are currently using our resource to improve Accessible content guidance and training as part of the T4 content management system upgrade project.

Why we are doing it

  • We want to offer digital communications training and learning materials that you need to build confidence when using our web tools and platforms.
  • To maintain high communications standards across the College for our audiences.
  • To support the activities of the College Communications Network.

Benefits to you

  1. Increased confidence when using College web communications tools and platforms.
  2. Higher standards of digital communications across your department / division.
  3. Increase engagement with your audiences through best practice digital communications.
  4. Gain skills and experiences in digital communications for your career progression.
  5. Easily find training materials that you can utilise to improve your digital skills.


Contact Liz Scholfield, Project Coordinator, if you have further feedback or have any questions about the digital skills learning and training project.