Project FAQs

What is the existing timeline for this project?

The launch date for phase 1 was Monday 8 December 2014. The remainder of content will be moved over during 2015.

Why is this project happening now?

The previous website design and information architecture dates from a major review project in 2007. This served the College well, and the design is still considered a sector example of best practice. However, the website has begun to look dated and does not properly facilitate the way in which our audiences use information online (including accessing from mobile devices). Find out more information about the objectives for this project by browsing the other pages of this site.

Will I have to learn how to use a new Content Management System (CMS) and what training will be available to me?

Yes, all website editors will have to learn how to use a new CMS. A training programme has been developed which will need to be completed for editing rights to be granted. Larger websites will be scheduled in during 2015. Smaller sites will need to book onto a course once a timetable has been set up. 

What is the College’s new CMS?

Imperial has purchased TERMINALFOUR Site Manager. You can read more about the system on our blog post about the purchase. We have also talked about the transition at our Web Forum events, which you can catch up on through the following posts:
    •    Web Forum - March 2014
    •    Web Forum - June 2014

Will my content automatically appear in the new CMS/design?

No. Due to the new CMS and responsive designs, the amount of legacy content stored in existing CMSs, and changes to the overarching architecture of the site, migration of content will not be automatic. We have been working with editors to explain this change and encourage review of existing content, new site maps and ensure content is well thought out. A guidance and best practice section to this site gives further details about the process. The project team will coordinate the best time for editors to be trained and to move their content over, to ensure that the timing works well for workloads and enough support it offered.

I have a website hosted on College servers but doesn’t use the standard templates or a CMS. What will happen to my site?

Initially, your site will be unaffected.

I am in the Faculty of Medicine - how will this project affect me?

The redesign project is College wide. The Faculty of Medicine, which currently uses its own Content Management System (CMS), will be moving into the College’s new CMS and adopting the new designs.

I am happy using the Faculty of Medicine CMS and don’t want to move my site. Is this possible?

Unfortunately not. All websites and web pages will be hosted within the new College CMS. A phased rollout is to be adopted which will be communicated in due course. The Faculty of Medicine CMS will be closed down once all sites have been migrated out of the CMS. The date for the CMS closure will be communicated in due course – this will not be before December 2015.

I’ve heard that the new CMS doesn’t require for content changes to be submitted/approved (as per the current Medicine CMS)?

As standard, pages do not have to be submitted/approved before they ‘go live'. However, workflows can be created within the new CMS. This is encouraged for the most important outward facing content (i.e. student prospectus content). It is likely that this could be a on a site-by-site basis. Further information about this will be communicated in due course.

Why does the Business School’s website currently have a different design?

The competition for postgraduate business school students is fierce and the Business School’s competitors are constantly updating their websites to attract the best and brightest students. Our Business School needed to react to this environment and their competitors and have a state of the art website in 2013. To allow the School to do this, an exception to the normal College web policy was agreed and the School has been allowed to create a design within overall College visual identity guidelines.

Should I continue to maintain my website in Oracle Portal/Symplectic CMS (Faculty of Medicine), or wait until we move into the new TERMINAL FOUR Site

Yes - you should continue to update and maintain your existing site as you currently do. Sites and content will be migrated in phases, so it could be some time before you move over. Once the initial phase of migration is underway (for December launch) planning will commence for other sections of the site. If you have a large site (greater than 100 pages) your Faculty Web Officer will be in touch about proposed timings. If you have a small site, you should get in touch when you know when you will be ready to move. Training and support will still be given for new users to the existing Oracle Portal/Symplectic (FoM) CMS, for as long as we have active sites in these systems. We hope to have moved all content off Oracle Portal/Symplectic (FoM) CMS by the end of 2015.

I really want to make my pages more flashy and interactive. Can I do this in the new website designs?

The project has a number of guiding concepts. With these in mind, the new designs all ow for more dynami c page layouts to be created, easily. The guiding concepts are:
    1.    Allow flexibility
    2.    Utility everywhere
    3.    Invite outsiders in
    4.    Promote research content
New ‘content types’* will be available to website owners and editors. Details of the latest designs can be found via the Web Redesign blog. As well as the CMS training course, we will be creating an online training guide that includes details of the different displays that will be possible, to help editors to plan. We plan for this to be available alongside the CMS training in the autumn.
*Content types is a phrase used in the new CMS to mean a way of displaying content, for example this could mean tabs, or an accordion, or a coloured block with an image.

What will happen to my documents when my site moves to TERMINALFOUR?

Any current documents which you have within Workspace and link to from your Portal web pages will need to move to the correct folder within Site Manager's media/document library when your pages move over. The folder structure in the media library will echo the structure of the site itself and will have folders for Internal content and Public content. You will use the editor 'media library/documents' button to link to your document.
If you have a large number of documents to move over, please talk to your Faculty Web Officer about ways we can help move this content over in bulk.