The Display Feed can be used on all pages with either a sidebar (on the left) or a highlight box (aligned within text on the right). It provides an automated feed of your posts, such as blogs posts. See an example on the right handside.

 This tutorial covers adding a display feed to the highlight box.

Give it a try

Make sure you have added a highlight box widget and HighlightBox folder to your section before you proceed.

Add a Display feed to your HighlightBox

i. Find the hidden 'HighlightBox' page in your site structure;

ii. Hover over the yellow drop down button and click 'Add content';

iii. A list of content will appear. Select the item called 'Display feed';

iv. A form will appear. Complete the form as follows:

Display feed content type fields

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. Dispaly feed - Web Forum Blog Yes
Feed URL* The address of the RSS Feed or ATOM feed to use (640 characters max). Yes

Add the title/heading of the feed e.g. Web Forum blog

If omitted a default heading will be used (64 characters max).

Link Text

Add some link text to appear under the heading e.g. Recent posts.

If omitted a default heading 'All Notices' will be used (32 characters max).

Internal link The heading can link to your feeds page, select an internal T4 section OR No
External link The heading can link to your feeds page, copy and paste in an external link (outside T4). No
Item quantity Select how many posts you want to appear in the feed, the default is 6. No, it will default to 6
Theme Colour* Select the colour theme you want, the default is navy. Yes

4. Select Add & Approve to save.

Find out how to add the display feed in a Sidebar.