The Link block - sidebar content type creates a link or set of links in the sidebar, on the left underneath the navigation. It can be used with or without an image. It is great for pulling out important and highlighting important content from within your site.

For use on the Content page or Landing page with sidebar.

Here is a live example

See the left-hand side grey sidebar, towards the bottom of the page, to view the Link block - sidebar content type.

Give it a try

To add content types to a sidebar, the sidebar area must be 'activated'.

1. Create a hidden section (page) called Sidebar as a sub-section (child) of the section where the sidebar will live.

This section must be named Sidebar (case sensitive and spelt correctly) and hidden from the navigation in order to work.  (Find out how to add a content type to a section)

Below, sidebar section in place, grey indicates that this section doesn't show in the navigation.

Sidebar section in place





2. Add a Link block - sidebar content type to the Sidebar section.

3. Fill in the form. There are four main fields to complete and three fields for each link. The first two links are compulsory as there is a minimum of two links and a maximum of twenty (changed for ten, which was originally set).

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the block and give it a concise description e.g. Link block - training page Yes
Heading* This is the block's title and appears above the first link Yes
Image An image at least 278 x 178 pixels is required No
Simple display? Ticked box removes the green bar above the Heading, see Link block - sidebar without image No, defaults to unticked
Link 1 Text* The name of your link Yes
Link 1 Internal If an internal link click Select and navigate to the page via Site Manager
(ignore Use default link option)
No, but you must add a link to either the internal or external option or the block will not look as it should
Link 1 External If external copy and paste link from browser  

Content type input window

(full width image here instead, when css is in place)

Content type screen shot














Click Add and Approve to add the content type to the section's (page's) Sidebar.

Add & approve