Use these sample pages for ideas when building your pages. We've selected examples that use a variety of content types. Click the accordion for labelled screenshots with descriptions underneath.


The Central Secretariat homepage

  Page template: Landing page - side bar
 1 Navigation bar: Clear, distinct categories
 2 Content type: 'Banner Bottom Block'.  A high quality image is used.
 3 Content type: '3 column general content block' with high quality images used, providing a visual link to the 3 sub-pages of the secretariat homepage.
 4 Content type: 'Carousel'.  Features highlights from the secretariat pages, regardless of place in the site structure.
 5 Content type: 'Call to action buttons' in a list format.  Used in the sidebar for quick access to pages that are frequently visited.
 6 Content type: An image in a 'General content' used in the sidebar.
 7 Content type: 'Link block - sidebar'.  Links to useful pages from the Imperial site and beyond.
 8 Content type: 2 x 'Thumbnail block - sidebar'.  Links to pages outside the secretariat section that may be of interest.
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Enterprising students pages

1 Page template: The 'Landing page wide - slideshow' template is used here with the content type, 'Banner-slideshow'.  Ask your FWO if you want your landing page template to change.  The top links are optional and in this example, used to highlight popular pages in this section.
2 Content type: 'News and Events feed'.  Speak to your FWO if you are interested in setting one up for your site.
3 Content type: 'Banner-slideshow'.  Go to the slideshow page for advice on using slideshows in banners.
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Ordinances page with multiple accordions

 1 Content type: 'Banner bottom block'.  A high quality image is used.
 2 Content type: 4 x 'Accordions' are used.  Originally, this information was split over 20+ pages.
  Page template: General content page
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Keep your eye out for the different content types used across the Imperial website and think about how they can influence your pages.  Be mindful that some of the content types are restricted to special pages, (e.g. the home page), and you will not be able to use them on your page.  As a starting pointing, consult the content types pages and when in doubt, consult your Faculty Web Officer.