The group runs a regular Stochastic Analysis seminar with distinguished speakers from the various branches of Stochastic Analysis and its allied subjects. The seminar is of interest to the department at large. It is also attended by members from other departments (including Electrical and Engineering, Computer Science, Finance). Moreover there are several joint ventures Stochastic Analysis – Applied Mathematics Colloquia, Stochastic Analysis – Statistics Seminars that take place throughout the year.

The seminars are held on Tuesdays 3:00pm in Room 139, Huxley Building, Department of Mathematics (map). Refreshments are available from 4:00pm in Huxley Common Room on Level 5.

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For more information about the seminars please contact one of the organisers: Dr Thomas Cass | Professor Dan Crisan | Professor Xue-Mei Li | Dr Eyal Neuman

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