We will act courageously and innovatively when pursuing new opportunities

We need to take academic and financial risks to sustain excellence in research and education.

As the frontiers of knowledge cannot be predicted, agility and flexibility are integral attributes for success. This means that Imperial must take risks: academic risk through starting new areas of research, before we know whether funding or acclaim will follow; and financial risk, in order to achieve the returns we need to fund our mission.

In action

Actions in detail

  • We will adjust our processes so that we can make swift informed decisions to seize opportunities and both start and stop new initiatives.
  • We will invest funds to pursue the new and risky.
  • We will support ideas which are potential breakthrough programmes that put us in a leadership position, even if these ideas have not yet received outside funding.

Case study

A new campus at White City

Wood Lane studios Since 2009, the College has purchased nearly 25 acres of land in White City. White City Campus provides the College with the opportunity achieve its ambitions and do things differently: develop new partnerships, support new areas of research, diversify revenue streams and give students entrepreneurial experiences. It allows the College to unlock existing areas for refurbishment and provide options for much-needed academic space.

Over the next 15 years, the College will create an innovation district at White City, which will bring together the College’s academic community, businesses, entrepreneurs and academic partners to address global challenges as well as creating high-quality jobs and economic growth.

In close proximity to Hammersmith Hospital, the northern section of White City Campus will locate multidisciplinary activity focused on health and wellbeing. Academic hubs will foster research in molecular sciences, biomedical engineering and public health. A Translation and Innovation Hub will co-locate laboratories with major technology partners, new start-ups and fast-growth technology companies. Master-planning is underway for the rest of the site, with plans including further hubs for academic research, education and translation, community and commercial facilities, and housing

Aerial robotics

Imperial aims to capitalise on its position as one of the UK’s leading centres for aerial robotics research with the development of a new state-of-the-art laboratory at its South Kensington Campus


The Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre is a ten-year collaboration, jointly funded by Qatar Petroleum and Shell and with additional support from Qatar Science & Technology Park

Petri dish

A researcher inspects a petri dish in the laboratory of SynbiCITE, a pioneering Innovation and Knowledge Centre dedicated to promoting the adoption and use of synthetic biology by industry

Musculoskeletal (MSk) Lab

A member of Imperial’s Musculoskeletal (MSk) Lab tests technology being developed for use in hip-replacement surgery. The MSk Lab sits within the Department of Surgery and Cancer and is based at Imperial’s Charing Cross Campus