We will provide professional support, consistent processes and appropriate technology for all of our staff and students

The pursuit of excellence in research and education requires excellence in all that we do.

Everyone in the university, irrespective of discipline, function or activity, has a role to play in helping Imperial to deliver its mission. Excellent research and education must be underpinned by a professional team focused on ensuring that our academics and students have the time, support and resources they need to deliver their very best.

In action

Actions in detail

  • We will promote a culture where all who show a commitment to excellence are recognised and given respect, whatever their role or field.
  • We will empower staff at all levels to deliver change for the better.
  • We will design and implement consistent processes which minimise time wasted, support academic excellence and encourage collaboration.
  • We will continue to invest in the technology needed to support our mission.
  • We will achieve the highest standards of safety.

Case study

Operational Excellence

WorkshopOperational Improvement (OE) was launched in 2014 to enhance the high quality support needed by staff and students at a world-class university. By providing members of the community with the tools and methods to analyse the systems and processes they use with colleagues across the College, it aims to identify duplicated efforts and inefficient processes and design more effective solutions.

One area of work relates to how student information is managed across the student life cycle at the College, from a prospective student’s first enquiry to their engagement with our alumni network. A pilot scheme within this programme relates to admissions processes, and specifically the process by which applicants for undergraduate degrees in Medicine are assigned dates and times for admissions interviews. The introduction of an online system allowing candidates to select their own interview slots has proved to save considerable time for applicants and staff, with fewer requests for rescheduling and a greater percentage of students responding within the two-week deadline.

For staff, involvement in Operational Excellence is an opportunity to engage with colleagues and reflect on working practices. Rebecca Middleton, Education Coordinator in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, said: “I think that the process has been incredibly useful and should be rolled out to all areas within the College. It’s not often people take the time, or are ‘brave’ enough to step back and seriously consider how and why they do things in the way that they do.”

Staff chart

7,500 staff in 2014, staff breakdown

Rodent cage

A PhD student from the Department of Medicine studying multiple sclerosis inspects a rodent cage with an animal technologist

Dr Lorraine Craig

Academic tutor Dr Lorraine Craig talks to an undergraduate student as part of the College’s comprehensive system of academic and pastoral care

Pari Nepal

National barista champion Pari Nepal is part of the dedicated team from Campus Services

Staff involved with the apprenticeship scheme

Staff involved with the apprenticeship scheme to train technicians for the Faculty of Engineering and Department of Physics