What does excellence look like?

Implementing this strategy will allow us to sustain and renew the areas in which we are already excellent, and help us to achieve excellence in the areas in which we have the opportunity to improve.

We will review on an annual basis our progress towards achieving these markers of excellence.

Progress review


FoundationsWhat does excellence look like?
We will maintain world-class core academic disciplines. We are consistently rated in the top three in the UK and the top ten in the world in all disciplines.
We will encourage multidisciplinary research Our multidisciplinary work leads to breakthrough advances in global challenge areas.
We will embed our educational experience in a vibrant, research-led, entrepreneurial environment All of our students are given the opportunity to engage with research and researchers as part of their studies.


PeopleWhat does excellence look like?
We will build a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated staff community across all disciplines, functions and activities.
  • Staff surveys show that our staff feel they are part of a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated community across all disciplines, functions and activities.
  • We are recognised externally as an employer of choice.
We will enrich the student experience.
  • We are rated in the top quartile of key national student experience surveys.
  • We are regarded as a university of choice for employers.
  • We attract outstanding students from across the world.
We will build strong relationships with our alumni and friends.
  • We have a large, motivated and engaged community of alumni and friends attending events, volunteering and supporting the College.
  • 15 per cent of our alumni are donors.


PartnersWhat does excellence look like?
We will strengthen collaboration with business, academia, and non-profit, healthcare and government institutions across the globe.
  • We are regarded as the partner of choice across sectors.
  • Our collaborations produce unique advances that we could not have achieved alone.
  • 30 per cent of our research funding comes from industry.
We will inform decision makers to influence policy.
  • Our influence is evident and recognised through citations from government, corporate and medical decision makers.
We will share the wonder and importance of what we do.
  • People of all ages and backgrounds regard Imperial as a reliable resource for scientific learning and understanding.
  • We are cited by schools as the exemplar of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) outreach.


EnablersWhat does excellence look like?
We will strengthen and diversify our revenues.
  • Our financial position gives us the flexibility to invest in research and education opportunities as they emerge, irrespective of the external environment.
  • Our Endowment grows through above-market investment yields and through additional gifts in perpetuity.
  • Philanthropy makes an important contribution to our annual budget.
We will provide professional support, consistent processes and appropriate technology for all of our staff and students.
  • Academic staff spend no more than ten per cent of their time on administrative activities.
  • All support teams are rated as good or excellent by their customers.
We will act courageously and innovatively when pursuing new opportunities.
  • We have launched initiatives which have subsequently led to outside support.