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We will share the wonder and importance of what we do

Collaboration with the public, schools and our local communities fosters a shared passion for and understanding of our work.

We are committed to inspiring the scientists, engineers and medical professionals of the future by raising aspirations and supporting learning across all age groups. Through harnessing the creativity and passion of Imperial’s people and engaging with our partners, we will create further opportunities to nurture the innate curiosity and desire to learn in the public and young people. Our actions will support a continued flow of diverse and talented students from across the world into the College, promote public engagement with science, and help our university to be sensitive to the interests and needs of the public and our local communities.

In action

Actions in detail

  • We will create shared spaces for discovery and learning by working with schools and local communities.
  • We will use digital technology to ensure that our research and education reaches a wide and varied audience.
  • We will expand our reach to prospective students nationally and globally to inspire and attract the brightest students, regardless of their backgrounds.
  • We will create a broad and collaborative outreach learning experience focused on global challenges and opportunities in science, engineering, and medicine.
  • We will engage with and learn from the public, schools and local communities to improve our interactions with them.
  • We will continue to deliver a wide range of events and activities for the public such as our annual festival and public lectures.

Case study

Reach Out CPD

Maggie Dallman with students Imperial is supporting primary school teachers across the UK to inspire students about science through a continuing professional development resource. Launched in October 2014, Reach Out CPD is a web-based programme which provides teachers with resources and ideas to engage primary school children in the wonder of science.

Reach Out CPD, developed in partnership with science teaching resource Tigtag, features films of Imperial academics who shine a light on some of the latest advances in science and present imaginative ideas to bring science to life in the classroom. As a free programme, accessible online anywhere and at any time to all 200,000 primary teachers in the UK, it aims to remove the barriers of time and cost which are cited by teachers as challenges to participation in professional development.

According to Professor Maggie Dallman, Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships), schools, like universities, should be places where curiosity is sparked and nurtured. She adds, “At Imperial we have long been committed to stimulating engagement with science across society. Through Reach Out CPD we hope to provide a resource that will support primary teachers to do their work – if we can help give children scientific skills so they ask the right questions of society and make the right connections to solve problems, we will be making a very long term impact.”