Structural Power Composites

"Super charge" a presentation by Prof Emile S. Greenhalgh on the benefits of Structural Power Composites and the work being researched at Imperial College London. Youtube:j2qpDPcO7vg

What are structural power composites?

Our goal is to produce high performance materials which have the capacity to carry mechanical loads and store electrical energy; the key here was not simply to bind two disparate components together, but to produce a single coherent material that inherently performed both roles.

Structural power composites are expected to impact everyday life as we seek to generate, store and consume energy differently. To develop this technology is challenging and requires expertise and collaboration from chemists to aeronautical engineers.

An Introductory video into Structural Power Composites given by Prof Emile Greenhalgh explains the concept further.
Youtube: "Super Charge" (4 min 04 sec)