Before you can order these documents, all new and returning students must register online for their course prior to the start of the academic year. You can register for your programme using the My Imperial student portal

Documents you may need

New studentsReturning studentsPast students
» standard statement
» bank letter
» police letter/statement with address
» council tax letter

» standard statement
» bank letter
» police letter/statement with address
» council tax letter
» transcript 
» transcript
» degree confirmation letter



Standard statement

This statement is used to prove you are a student, whether new or returning. You may use this letter for:

Bank letter

This letter is used by new and returning students when opening a bank account. We can only provide students with one bank letter at a time so it is important that you are happy with your choice of bank before making your decision.

If you decide you want to change the letter you will need to bring in the old copy to the Student Hub.

This letter includes your address so please ensure the details are correct on the My Imperial student portal beforehand.

Police letter/statement with address

Some foreign students will be required to register with the Police within a week of arrival in the UK. This letter provides proof of their student status at Imperial and should be used when registering with the Police.

This letter includes your term time and home addresses so please ensure the details are correct on the My Imperial student portal beforehand.

Council tax letter

Students not living in halls of residence, Imperial or other, will need to provide their local Council with proof of their student status in order to be exempt from paying Council Tax. This letter can only be requested by full-time students who are working at least 35 hours a week towards their studies.


A transcript has all your results for each academic year. This is available for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. Results are only added to a transcript once an academic year is completed.

Degree confirmation letter

This letter confirms your degree and the period of time that you were enrolled at Imperial.