‌‌‌‌‌‌Replacement Degree Certificates

Replacement degree certificates are only issued by the College in exceptional cases, under the conditions outlined in the Regulations for the Replacement of Lost or Damaged Diplomas (pdf).

Please note that Imperial College London is unable to replace certificates which were received and subsequently misplaced. A confirmation of award letter, detailing your programme and dates of study along with award conferral information, can be requested via the Alumni Document Request Form. Alternatively, please contact the Student Records & Data Team at student.records@imperial.ac.uk for additional guidance.

Degree certificates are issued in the full name as registered by the College at the point of award conferral. No change can be made to a student’s name after graduation unless the name change is related to a gender reassignment, in which case the College will need legal proof of name change such as a statutory declaration of name change or Deed Poll, prior to the re-issue of the degree award documentation. For further information, please contact the Certificates Team at certificates@imperial.ac.uk

In cases of non-receipt of the original degree award documentation, it is expected that this will be raised with the College within 12 months of the award conferral date. 

Any request for a replacement certificate should be made using the Replacement Request Form [doc]‌, and accompanied by appropriate proof of identification (e.g. copy of passport, birth certificate, driver's licence). ‌

Completed forms and supporting documentation should be emailed or posted to Certificates Team, Level 3 Sherfield Building, South Kensington Campus, London, SW7 2AZ.

Please note that all Imperial College London degrees awarded prior to 2007 were conferred by the University of London. As a result, if you graduated prior to 2007, you are advised to contact the University of London directly to request a replacement degree certificate.