Students who wish to retain access to College facilities whilst writing up their thesis may register for a 12-month writing up period. A registration fee of £200.00 will be payable and these students will be given “completing research status.”

Please read the Writing up period [pdf] guidance notes, and return a completed Writing up form.

Students will be eligible, where appropriate, for Council Tax exemption if they were registered as full time students immediately prior to going on to CRS.

Please note:

  • To be eligible to register as a CRS student, a research student must have met the minimum registration requirements, completed all experimental and programming work, and be able to demonstrate that they are in a position to submit the thesis within 12 months.
  • A formal CRS milestone must be completed to ensure the student has completed all substantive research and that during the CRS period the student will be solely engaged in writing up the thesis.
  • Students are expected to submit an Examination Entry Form no later than 4 months prior to their expected submission date.
  • The CRS registration status cannot exceed 12 months and should usually follow immediately after the end of the student’s normal registration period.