The wardening team

Wardens - There is a warden in charge of running each hall. Wardens all work at Imperial during the day, so they will quickly become familiar faces.
Assistant Wardens – Sometimes an assistant warden supports the warden, helping with the day-to-day management and administration of the hall, ensuring that there is always someone available to help. 
Subwardens - These are usually PhD students. They also assist the Warden in the running of the Halls, and play a big part in planning social activities as well as providing pastoral care.
Hall Seniors - These are Imperial undergraduate students who loved halls so much they decided to come back for another year. They organise events, answer questions and ensure that settling in and having fun in your first year is as easy as possible.
Hall Committee – Made up of current students living within the Hall of Residence, Hall Committees help plan social events and work with the wardening team to resolve any issues arising.

Welcome to Woodward

Find out more about the role of the hall wardening teams in this video from Woodward Buildings

Pastoral care

It can be difficult to make the transition from home to university, so if you are experiencing any problems relating to your wellbeing, e.g. emotional problems, difficulties with room mates, study-related or financial issues, you can speak to a member of the wardening team. They will offer advice on the services available to you and how best to tackle the situation.

Social life in halls

Social Life in Halls Wardening teams play an important role in welcoming new students and introducing them to life at Imperial and in London. They run a large number of social events during the arrival weekend and in the first few weeks of term, which provide plenty of opportunities for residents to get to know each other and settle into life in halls. The programme of events carries on through the academic year, with inter-hall contests, Ready Steady Cook competitions and other parties and socials.

Visit the Halls online

Find out more about the individual halls, calendar of events and the individual wardening teams: