When there are issues at home, this can put great strain on you and your university work. You may experience homesickness, or find it difficult to go home. You may also find it hard to concentrate or focus on university life.

Financial pressures may be particularly acute if you are estranged from your family or you are a care leaver, particularly during the holidays. The College provides a range of support for care leavers and you can find out more about the support available from our Care Leavers webpage.

Stand Alone provides a range of advice for students who have no contact with their family.

Don’t feel you have to soldier on and push the issues to the back of your mind. Whatever is happening, it is good to talk about it with someone. If you feel able to share it with your Personal Tutor, they are well placed to provide support and to discuss how it might be affecting your studies, and what might help you going forward.

Other supportive people you may find it helpful to speak with include: