Imperial has a strong support system to ensure that neither mental nor physical disability becomes a barrier to any student reaching their full potential, and to make life at College easier for students with disabilities. If you have a disability, the College will provide the support you need, regardless of your fee status.

If you have additional needs relating to a specific learning difficulty, enduring mental health or health condition, Autistic Spectrum condition or a sensory or physical impairment, then we recommend contacting our Disability Advisory Service.

The Disability Advisory Service offers confidential advice and practical support to students who are disabled. This includes students who have, for example, a specific learning difficulty or an enduring physical or mental health condition. Visit the Disability Advisory Service website to find out how they can help you and to find links to the information you need so that you can take control of your own studies and learning experience.

You can also contact your Departmental Disability Officer for support.

I think I may have a disability

If you suspect you may have a specific learning disability, contact the Disability Advisory Service to arrange an appointment in order to discuss this with an advisor. You can also find helpful information on specific learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia on their website.