The School of Medicine organises a large number of surveys for its students throughout the year. These surveys pertain to a range of teaching delivered throughout our programmes, including lectures, practicals, tutorials and clinical placements and are administered by the Faculty Education Office (FEO).
Different question sets are used for different types of teaching session. The distribution of results is dealt with by the FEO's Educational Quality team, which sends the survey results to relevant members of College and partner NHS staff.
Every report is read by the Educational Quality staff and numerical summaries are provided to the School’s Education Committees. Summaries are also provided on an annual basis to partner NHS Trusts at quality visits.

These are the surveys we currently run for UG Medicine students:


UG SOLE: Years 1 and 2 Medicine and BMS students

Students are surveyed every two weeks on teaching session content and for tutorial and practical feedback when appropriate during the year. This feedback is then distributed to the relevant course lead and Head of Year.

UG SOLE Years 3, 5 and 6 Medicine students

Students are surveyed at the end of every clinical placement including placements taken at GP sites. Students will also be surveyed on plenary teaching sessions that occur throughout the year. Clinical placement feedback is distributed to the relevant placement lead, Teaching Co-ordinator, Director of Clinical Studies and Head of Year.

UG SOLE: Year 4 MBBS and Year 3 BMS

Students will be surveyed at the end of every module and will be asked for feedback towards the end of their projects in the summer term. Surveys will also be distributed at the end of each week for the ‘Pathology’ sessions at the end of the year. This feedback is then distributed to the relevant pathway lead and Head of Year.

UG TOLE: Tutor feedback

At the end of each academic year, all students will be asked to provide feedback on their personal tutor experience. This feedback will then be distributed to the relevant tutor, Senior Tutor and Head of Year.

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