Tsinghua University is a campus university in the north west of Beijing with all facilities on one campus. It is surrounded by a fence and for non-Tsinghua students only accessible through two Group at tsinghuagates. The campus is very big, so that it is advisable to rent a bike at one of the many bike shops on campus. The student accommodation is in the north of the campus, while most offices are in the south. In between are many sport facilities, e.g. football pitches, tennis and basketball courts.

The campus life is very different from Imperial, as almost everything can be found on campus, e.g. supermarkets, restaurants, mobile phone shops and many more. However, there are no bars on campus.

Wudaokou is a short bus ride away where many bars, restaurants and shops are. The bus stop is in front of the gate closest to the accommodation. There are also three subway stations close to the campus, which makes it easy to get to different parts of the city.

My research placement took place in the Department of Thermal Engineering. In the first meeting at the beginning of the placement we discussed our research and planned to work towards a joined paper between Tsinghua and Imperial. During the placement I was working with PhD students who showed me the office and organised a meal card that is required to pay in most of the canteens. There are about 20 canteens spread across campus which offer different types of food, mostly Chinese cuisine. The canteens are open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the research placement I also had the chance to visit a supplier in Shanghai together with the PhD student.

"I very much enjoyed the time at Tsinghua as I was made feel welcome by the group and my supervisor. My supervisor and colleagues assisted me in all aspects of administrational issues and made my stay at Tsinghua very pleasant."