This summer I have spent a month in Beijing participated in both the Imperial-Tsinghua summer school program: Climate Change and a three weeks research placement at Tsinghua University. Yunsi ChiThe one week-summer school program was an amazing experience, I had the opportunity to meet and share research experiences with other PHD students from Tsinghua University. The program also organized many group exercises and activities where we got to improve our team working, communication skills. It was an enjoyable experience where we got to learnt a bit more about ourselves and how to self-improve.

During the three weeks research placement in Tsinghua University, I worked in the Chemistry Department studying on graphene oxide material. This was a great experience where I got to experience the student life at Tsinghua University. It was a unique experience living in dormitory and cycling through the campus to go to the lab and office every day. In the first week of the placement, I was an introduction to the lab and the research work the group was working on. Following that I was given the opportunity to conduct some independent research and organizing my time around the lab work and reading up on the relevant materials for the work. Overall I am very grateful I was given this opportunity to participate in both the summer school program and the research placement, I have met a great bunch of people who I have kept in contact with and developed some transferable skills and explored further in my field of research.

"The people in the research group were also very nice and showed me around Beijing during my stay"

Yunsi Chi