Fu Gui

It has been a fantastic summer for me in Singapore, both academically, and culturally. From 8th July to 8thSeptember, I completed an eight-week research placement in the department of Biomedical Engineering, under the project ‘Computer Aided Surgery’. 

The research placement at NUS has been very enriching. I learnt invaluable skills and gained useful experiences, which cannot be acquired in lectures. "

My supervisor and colleagues are really welcoming and helpful. They involved me in the development of the project and I am glad that I made some contribution to the research work. NUS has given me a deep impression. As a leading university in Asia, it has its distinct culture and style, which are different from Imperial College. The cultural diversity and welcoming atmosphere in the campus have impressed me. Most importantly, I have met wonderful people and made good friends, this summer would not be so memorable without them. Together, we explored Singapore, experienced the exotic and exciting culture, went to unforgettable places, and also had incredibly delicious foods. This has been my best summer so far, and I would definitely recommend anyone with an open mind to take this opportunity.

This is the  first time I experience how university research is like and I have received a lot of help from my supervisors and also my colleagues. I would like to especially thank my supervisors who patiently guided me and taught me plenty of useful skills. We received a very warm welcome when we first got to NUS and we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of our future colleagues.I would definitely recommend this research opportunity to my friends at Imperial College. Moreover, Singapore has again, surprised me with her world-class universities and facilities, and also the friendliness of her people.