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Start of Summer projects meeting - 29th June 2021 *slides and recording link included*

Start of Project/Welcome StudentShapers meeting

  • Tuesday 29th June 10-11
  • Location: Remote access meeting via Microsoft Teams

Please see a link to the meeting's Team recording here

Please see the slides used here: Start of projects meeting slides 29th June 2021

Project Proposal Writing workshop - 27th January 2021 *recording included*

Project Proposal writing workshop - 27th January

In preparation for staff submitting proposals for funding, this workshop is for staff to help build a robust partnership proposal. There will be an introduction at the start of the session but staff are invited to attend at any time on a drop-in basis with either their ideas or draft proposals for feedback. The aim is that participants are better equipped to propose successful projects that adopt a robust and effective student partnership approach.

Date:  Wednesday 27th January, 2-3PM

Link to Microsoft Teams recording

Project Proposal writing workshop - 27th January

End of Summer StudentShapers Symposium - 21st October 2020 *Microsoft Stream link included*

Summer Project symposium: 21st October 2020 

Date: 21st October 

Time: 2-3:30PM 

Location: online via Microsoft Teams 

Following the summer vacation, and the peak of StudentShapers projects taking place the symposium will showcase a proportion of these projects to demonstrate the impactful outcomes across the College that can be achieved by adopting an authentic partnership approach across staff-student communities. The event will demonstrate some of the exciting developments across the college and provide attendees with ideas and insights for anyone considering working more closely with student partners in the next year, or developing a StudentShapers project. 

We will have three themed sessions:  

(Contributors for each presentation listed in alphabetical order, *denotes students) 

  • The impact of partnership 

Department of Aeronautics (Lien Chong*, Maha Khamlichi*, Errikos Levis, Amy Picton, Silvestre Pinho, Maria Ribera Vicent, Hayley Wong*,)

The Aeronautics department has largely transitioned to paperless teaching, with all students being issued tablets since 2018. This has opened up new options for the delivery of interactive and audio-visual content, alongside traditional written content. StudentShapers projects have created a range of resources which form part of a comprehensive e-learning approach and that are already being used for teaching and virtual labs. In addition, the processes for creating this original material have been recorded and constitute a solid foundation for further development across the MEng programme. Alongside this, StudentShapers have been engaged to improve wellbeing and community support while working remotely.Student led workshops and resourceswere developed from a student perspective and a survey gathered feedback and engaged the broader student community on remote working and settling in to ICL. Enhanced resources that all students can access on a Wellbeing and Community are hosted on a MS Teams page.  

  • Planning for the future: digital students and online learning
Shaffiat Dewan*, Gimeno Jesus*, Monika Pazio: Being a student in the digital age 

The presentation will explore our experiences of conducting educational research project about being a student in the Digital Age. We will explain the project, unpack lessons learnt in the process of partnership as well as present some data we collected and analysed about the role of technology in students' lives.

Timothy Heightman* & Thomas HurkxensAugmented simulations: Physics Lab 

With a team of talented student developers, our group are creating a platform on which virtual and mixed reality learning experiences can be developed, allowing learners to visualise and interact in 3D in innovative ways and paving a new path for digital solutions in higher education. As a proof of concept, the group created a virtual optics lab capable of modelling high resolution diffraction phenomena. With more content on the way in the Imperial ecosystem and beyond, this medium is one to watch out for!

  • The nth dimension of partnership
Elizabeth Hauke, Alex Lipp*, Kasia Zukowska*: Partnership from planned to experienced curriculum (and beyond) 
The first year Change Maker modules use the UN sustainable goals as a loose framework to explore how global change is brought about and encourage students to consider their role in driving it. The emphasis is put on the partnership between students and staff in the classroom, shaping the learning experience and content of each group’s individual collaboration and developing a cooperative approach to assessment and feedback. This year we have been focussing on how this type of curriculum is experienced in practice, with ethnographic partnership research being conducted alongside the learning in the modules. 
Yasmin Andrew and Anthea MacIntosh-LaRoque*: Redesigning Informal Learning Spaces in Blackett building 
A student led project to refurbish three mixed use spaces in the Blackett building was completed over the 2020 Summer.  The focus of the work was to embody functionality and physics identity into the plans for the areas.  The research and consultation-based methodology used to inform the process will be presented, along with final designs.

Please book to attend using the available EventBrite link.   Please note you will receive a link to the Microsoft Teams meeting the day prior to the Symposium if you are on our attendance list.  

Find the Microsoft stream link here

Start of Summer Projects meeting: 30th June 2020 *slides and Microsoft Stream link included*

Project proposal writing workshops: 3rd December and 21st January 2020

In preparation for staff submitting proposals for funding for summer projects, this workshop is for staff to help build a robust partnership proposal. There will be an introduction at the start of the session but staff are invited to attend at any time on a drop-in basis with either their ideas or draft proposals for feedback. The aim is that participants are better equipped to propose successful projects that adopt a robust and effective student partnership approach.  

Dates:  Tuesday 21st January

Location: SALC1, 5th Floor, Sherfield Building

StudentShapers End of Summer Symposium - 9th October 2019 *Panopto link included*

Summer Project symposium: 9th October 2019

Date: Wednesday 9th October, 2-6PM

Location: Pippard Lecture theatre, 5th Floor, Sherfield building, South Kensington campus. 

This will be an opportunity for participants of projects running over the Summer to summarise their experience in the form of presentations and discussion, as well as an occasion for thanks from the StudentShapers team. 

Published Schedule
 13.45  Arrival opens
 14.00  Introduction by Mike Streule, Director Imperial StudentShapers and Simone Buitendijk, Vice Provost (Education)
 14.20 - 15.10  StudentShapers Project presentations

Curriculum development:

5 x 10 minutes

  • Luke Delmas and Jakub Radzikowski, Department of Chemistry: The Chemical Kitchen - a new approach to gaining laboratory skills
  • Tanvi Agrawal, Saad Muhammad* and Alexandra Pinto*, Department of Medicine: Implementing Imperial MedSTEP in the reviewed curriculum for Year 1 MBBS
  • Sam Cooper, Dyson School of Design Enginnering, Mathematics for Design Engineers: Integration of topics and differentiation of skills
  • Chris Hallsworth, Department of Mathematics: Learning Discovery in Statistics
  • Thibault Bertrand, Department of Mathematics: Peer Leaders in First year Induction
 15.10 - 15.20  Break
 15.25 - 15.45  Keynote talk: Camille Kandiko Howson, Associate Professor of Education
 15.45 - 16.25  StudentShapers Project presentations

Educational research and evaluation

4 x 10 minutes

  • Irene Kalkanis, Digital Learning Hub: Learning Analytics
  • Tiffany Chiu, Magda Charalambous, and Maja Wojtynska*, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship & Department of Life Sciences: Enhancement of Scholarship and Interdisciplinarity through Research Partnership for Imperial Students
  • Roel Schipper, Department of Civil and Environmental engineering: Evidence for better design education: measuring curriculum review effects in a quantitative way
  • Senita Mountjoy, Roxy Hughes, Shakeel Rahman and Yuri Aung*, Imperial College Collaborative Partnerships Office/ Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine: International Medical Placements: Eliciting Student Perspectives
 16.30  Wine and drinks Reception
Summary of the table's contents

Link here:  End of Summer StudentShapers symposium

Talking Teaching: Imperial MedSTEP StudentShaper project - *Panopto link included* - 23rd January 2019

Talking Teaching: Imperial MedSTEP StudentShaper project: Developing self-tests in an innovative staff-student partnership with Dr Tanvi Agrawal and Dr Mike Streule - 23rd January 2019

Location: TBA

Time: 14:00-15:00

CHERSnet: Working with students as partners in higher education - *slides included - 23rd January 2019

CHERSnet: Working with students as partners in higher education: Rationale for the approach and opportunities for learning and dissemination


Location: Room 7, Seminar and Learning Centre, 5th Floor, Sherfield building

Time: 11:00-13:00

** Slides from the event** - CHERSnet