StudentShapers Opportunities across all Faculties and Departments:


Summer vacation projects will be listed here when approved, with most becoming available in early March/Spring term.

Important: All projects which have agreed funding and are due to commence shortly are listed below. If you are a student and interested in developing a project you should work in partnership with a member of staff to develop the idea and who will need to submit a project proposal for funding.

Please note the StudentShapers team doesn't handle your application directly; if you are interested in any of the projects listed below  you should make contact with the staff lead of the project.

Recruiting projects

Ongoing projects no longer seeking partners

Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship(CHERS): Promoting Inclusion and Student Success *recruitment ad included*


This project aims to promote inclusion and support success for STEMM students from underrepresented groups at Imperial through producing and disseminating a range of authentic, tangible and evidence-based insights and resources for inclusivity and diversity.  To achieve this goal, the design of this project includes two phases with a mixed-mode approach for student engagement and partnership:

  •   Phase 1 (during summer vacation) – resources development based on the key findings from the SIDUS research.
  • Phase 2 (during term time) – resource dissemination across the College to assist student transition from school to university.

Project lead

Tiffany Chiu, Senior Teaching Fellow

Further Details/Experience Required

3 student research partners. Level 5 and 6 students across faculties (i.e. Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences).  Working full-time for nine weeks during Summer break, before commencing to part-time for nine weeks during Autumn term-time. 

'Promoting inclusion' recruitment ad

Chemical Engineering: The Chemical Engineering Curriculum: 'Skills Vs Technical Knowledge' *recruitment ad included*


Following on from the curriculum review, we have streamlined content as the curriculum was considered content heavy. We are currently looking to further improve this aspect of the curriculum, by exploring the notion of a skills-based approach as opposed to a knowledge-based approach (technical knowledge is eventually obsolete). We are keen to gain a better understanding from industrial representatives and our academics (and maybe students themselves) as to the core skills required by chemical engineers and create/ further emphasis their points of development in the curriculum.
The students will collectively determine the type of research to be conducted given the broad scope of the problem and additional support from the lead staff partner.  They will work closely with a recent alumnus who is also contributing to this project out of personal interest (gaining perspective from senior industrial managers) to make sense of their findings. They will be expected to put forward some initial thoughts of what a skills-based curriculum could look like to senior decision makers in the department.

Project lead

Deesha Chadha, Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow

Further Details/Experience Required

Chemical engineering, 3rd year students (doing undergraduate 4-year M.Eng degree)

Project to span last 2 weeks of September (end of term break), the entire Autumn term (during term), and the first 2 weeks of Christmas holiday (beginning of term break).

'Skills Vs Technical Knowledge' recruitment ad

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Developing student-centred learning material for a new earthquake engineering module *recruitment ad included*


The student shapers will help in the co-design of a new interactive material for an I-Explore module in Earthquake Engineering. Their participation will ensure that the views and perspective of students are incorporated at all levels of the delivery and assessment of the new module.

We are committed to building a module that incorporates innovative teaching practices and assessment approaches that improve student learning. The student partners responsibilities will include critical screening of module content and assessment, co-scripting of multimedia material to support the delivery of the module, participating in interviews with inter-disciplinary specialists, and co-production of instruction/assessment material.

Project lead

Christian Malaga-Chiquitaype, Senior Lecturer

Further Details/Experience Required

2 UG students from any department.  For 4 weeks full-time during Summer break, and 16 weeks part-time. 

'Earthquake Engineering module' recruitment ad

Approved projects no longer seeking partners

School of Public Health: Co-creating coaching training for Medical students *recruitment ad included*


The project involves Student Shapers and faculty coming together to co-develop and organise a coaching-style think tank event for a cohort of year 3 medical students during their undergraduate primary care placement, together with GPs interested in tackling health inequalities and local community leaders. The event will be an opportunity for stakeholders to learn about coaching models and work together to answer key questions such as how can medical students, GPs and communities work more effectively together.
The Student Shaper would work closely in partnership with the faculty Community Collaboration Lead and other members of faculty to co-design this project with a view to developing and implanting changes in the undergraduate primary care curriculum and strengthening solution-focused collaborative approaches amongst stakeholders in primary care and community setting where our medical students across year 1-year 5 are placed. This impact on curricular placement settings will enhance student learning and support during their project work while on placement.


Project lead

Bethany Golding, Community Collaboration Lead, School of Public Health

Further Details/Experience Required

1 student from Faculty of Medicine, any year group. 

22 weeks working part-time, from October 2021 to March 2022. 

"Co-creating coaching training for Medical students" recruitment ad