Effective study

By the time you get to university, you will have spent many years studying at school, sixth form or college. And with the excellent grades you've achieved, you are obviously doing something right. But studying at university is very different.

Working with others

You will be required to plan and manage your own workload, organise group work and projects with new people and deliver presentations and projects as a team. Find out what tools and techniques you can use for effective team work.

Working by yourself

A lot of the work that you do will be independent, and online. Find out where to go for the best resources, and avoid the pitfalls of working online. 

In class and in lectures

"Contact hours" is the time spent with your lecturers or tutors, and they will be a lot less than you were used to at school or college. Find out how to make the most of this time to get the information you need to succeed.