Library Assignment Tabs

What is it?

These pages from the Library Services will provide you with lots of tips that you may find helpful when approaching an assignment:

When you are working on an assignment there are many things that you will need to consider. You will also need to develop crucial skills in how to retrieve, evaluate, exploit, manage and be able to ethically communicate information. These skills will be important to not just to your academic success but also in your future career. 

Developing good habits early in your studies will help you to succeed and help you to be more competent when using information.

What will you learn?

The site will help you navigate four stages of your assignment:

Prepare it
These pages are designed to help when you are starting your assignment. They help you to think about planning your work and to become a more independent learner.

Find it
If you are unsure about where to find information for your assignments these pages will help you identify the best places to look for good quality information.

Use it
Not sure if you can use the information you have found or if the information is good enough to use. These pages will help you to critically evaluate the sources you have found. Help you to manage the information and sources that you find.  

Write it
It is vital that you learn about how to use and re-use information in an ethical way and help you to avoid issues such as plagiarism. These pages will give you some advice on academic writing and how to include information from other sources in to your work.

Work at your speed

These pages are designed to allow you to work through them from start to finish. Or you can dip in and out of the information depending on which stage you are at in your assignments.

If you require more help or support do take a look at the Library Services, Subject Support pages. There are details of how to get help and support from your librarians: