Accommodation - Covid-19 banner

We understand that, in the current situation, you may have real concerns and queries on how the College's accommodation is being adapated in the light of COVID-19. 

This page seeks to provide answers to frequently asked questions for both our current residents and those looking to join us in Academic Year 2020/21. We will be updating this page regularly and will also be communicating directly with you when further information is available.

We want to reassure you that a range of accommodation options and services will remain available to you during the pandemic.

We're currently planning for partial COVID restrictions, which allows students to be on campus whilst guidelines are in place including face covering, observing social distancing and good hygiene. Under these circumstances, we will provide a wide range of accommodation whilst also offering support for renting in the private sector. Our offer will be aligned closely with COVID-safe practices e.g. no twin rooms, staggered move-in dates, enhanced cleaning regimes etc. We will also provide virtual tours of our halls and support for virtual Open Days, supported by our Road to Private Housing campaign.

Should there be another outbreak of COVID-19 and we have to return to a lockdown - full COVID restrictions - we will communicate more information to our residents on adapatations and further instructions. Our support services are well-prepared for remote operations and we will continue to provide a range of support options for our residents and prospective students.