If you have been away from halls for the entirety of Session 2 and have received confirmation from your department that you will receive no teaching that requires attendance on campus after Monday 17 May, you have the option to be released from your accommodation contract.   

If you have chosen this option, from 17 May, you will be able to return to halls to collect your belongings. 

Now that you have been released from your contract, it is essential that you collect your belongings as soon as possible. You will not be able to stay in the accommodation overnight. If you do, the conditions of the early termination of your contract will be breached and you will be liable for your rent.

As such, students currently overseas, or unable to pack their belongings within a day, are encouraged to use a third party to pack and store your belongings, or have them sent to you. More details can be found on the Third Party Arrangements page.

All residents in halls must vacate by 10.00 on Saturday 26 June, therefore you must arrange to have your belongings collected by Friday 25 June at the latest. 

Attending the halls

Whilst lockdown restrictions have now begun to ease, social distancing measures still remain. We must ensure that any plans we put in place allow for our staff to safely manage this process, keeps anyone entering the building safe, and ensures the continued wellbeing of the students who still remain living in halls. Visit the Hall collection arrangements page for individual arrangements for your hall.

To that extent, we are implementing a number of procedures in order to safely reunite you with your possessions.

These measures include:

  • Advance notification of your intended collection date
  • A maximum of two people given entry to collect your belongings
  • An encouragement to wear some protective coverings whilst in common areas
  • Please note: that common rooms will not be available for temporary storage while you collect your belongings
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended in any areas of the building
  • Social distancing whilst in the building and especially in all entrances and reception areas.

Come prepared

If you or any members of your household have developed any symptoms of coronavirus, you must self-isolate and stay away from halls.

Car parking

If you are travelling by car, you must make your own parking arrangements. Most of our halls are located in busy areas with restricted parking. We encourage you to park locally whilst you are inside the halls and packing, then take your belongings outside your building and move the car only at the point of loading. We do not accept any responsibility for any parking infringements that may occur whilst you are at our halls. This includes third party packers.

We have some specific parking instructions outlined for each hall on our collection arrangements page.

Bring packing materials

You must bring your own boxes, suitcases and packing materials as we do not have these resources. It will be useful to also bring bin bags to clear away unwanted items and rubbish from your rooms and take them to the designated areas.

Protective coverings

We have limited cleaning supplies, therefore we encourage you to bring your own wipes and hand santiser if you can. You will be required to wear face coverings whilst you are in the building. 


We will only be allowing people from one household at any time into the lifts. 


You will need to return your keys before you depart. Make sure you bring them all with you - including kitchen cupboard, drawers and mail box keys. If you cannot return to halls, but still have keys send them for the attention of the Hall Supervisors at your previous hall address. Make sure you send them in securely in a padded envelope so they do not rip open the packaging and get lost in transit. 

Unable to travel?

If you are unable to come to the halls yourself, you can arrange for a third party to collect your belongings on your behalf. This could be members of your friends and family, or a company who will pack and store your items until you return, or ones that will pack and send them to you. 

If you are using a third party, you must contact them directly to make arrangements, then let us know the details so we can give them access. Please note: the arrangement for collection and storage of your belongings is between you and the company. Hall staff cannot arrange anything other than access to your room and kitchen.

Find out more about the process for arranging to pack your room via a third party.