Prince's Gardens accommodation

If you have left belongings in halls...

A system for collecting belongings is now in place for specific halls. Further details are available on our Belongings in halls pages.

This page shows the latest updates for our current residents living in our halls of accommodation. For guidance on your rights in the private sector, visit our Covid-19 private housing pages.

Key points

  • Our halls remain open and students can remain until the end of their contracted terms
  • Residents in Wilson House who are staying until Easter or beyond have been relocated to Annexe in order to provide beds for NHS key workers
  • Personal belongings left in vacated rooms at Wilson House have been safely packed and securely stored
  • A system for collecting belongings is now in place for specific halls. Further details are available on our Belongings in halls pages


I have left my belongings

When can I return to collect my belongings from halls?

We have now set out our arrangements for residents who have left belongings behind in halls.

Visit our belongings in halls pages for full details and the individual arrangements for each hall.

I am a resident of Wilson House. What has happened to my belongings? How can I get them back.

In order for this process to be undertaken in a safe and organised way, we cannot allow access until all NHS key workers have vacated Wilson House. At that point, the building – including the areas safely storing your belongings – will be made ready for resident arrivals.

We anticipate that this may be able to begin in July, although we will update you with further information as soon as we have it. Please do not make any arrangements or arrive at Wilson House until we have provided further information.

We thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we work to put the necessary safety measures in place.

What measures will you have in place to ensure collecting belongings will be safe?

Whilst lockdown restrictions have now begun to ease, social distancing measures still remain. We must ensure that any plans we put in place allow for our staff to safely manage this process, keeps anyone entering the building safe, and ensures the continued wellbeing of the students who still remain living in halls. 

To that extent, we are implementing a number of procedures in order to safely reunite you with your possessions.

These measures include:

  • Limited numbers of people in the building at any time
  • Timed slots for coming to collect your items
  • A maximum of two people given entry to collect your belongings
  • An encouragement to wear some protective coverings whilst in common areas
  • Please note: that common rooms will not be available for temporary storage while you collect your belongings
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended in any areas of the building
  • Social distancing whilst in the building and especially in all entrances and reception areas.

What if I can’t return in person to collect my belongings?

If you are unable to come to the halls yourself, you can arrange for a third party to collect your belongings on your behalf. This could be members of your friends and family, or a company who will pack and store your items until you return, or ones that will pack and send them to you. 

If you are using a third party, you must contact them directly to make arrangements, and then complete a booking form. 

Find out more about the process for arranging to pack your room via a third party.

Read full overview for collecting your belongings from halls

Are you able to store items somewhere in the hall?

It is not possible for us to store any items. You must use a storage company to store your items until you can retrieve them. 

What will happen to my bike I've left behind

If you stored your bike in an Imperial store on site, we will not be removing any bikes in your absence. However, all bikes have been left at your own risk and we cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damage.

Messages sent to our residents

Message to residents

FAQs about fees and invoicing

Due to the COVID-19 situation, I would like to leave my halls of residence or have already left and do not intend to return for the academic year

Under normal circumstances, residents would be liable for any further accommodation fees for the duration of their contract.

However, given the exceptional circumstances, we understand that a number of our students will have already decided to return home.

 As previously outlined, we will not be charging accommodation fees for any student who has chosen to leave at the end of the current accommodation period (up to and including 24 April) due to COVID-19 and does not intend to return this academic year.

 As long as you have clearly indicated you do not want to return on your online form, you will not be invoiced for Period 3. If we have not heard from you at all, we will assume you are intending to stay in halls and you will automatically be invoiced for accommodation fees for Period 3.

 If you have indicated that you have left and do not intend to return to your halls, your residence record will be updated to ‘departed’ as from the beginning of Period 3.

I would like to leave at the end of Period 2 but may be unable to do so due to new travel restrictions

We recognise that some students might intend to leave but are currently prevented from doing so by either travel restrictions or because they are in self-isolation. Rest assured that for as long as you need to stay, you will be able to do so. In these cases, you will only be asked to pay for the specific duration of time that you need to remain in halls.

You will be invoiced as normal for Period 3 but, once you are able to depart, a credit note will be issued for the weeks that you were not in halls for. This process will only be provided for students who intend to leave but are unable to do so due to travel restrictions or self-isolation.

I want to stay in halls for the remainder of the academic year

Our halls remain operational and we intend to fully support any student who wishes to stay. 

We simply ask that you indicate your intentions on the online form by midnight on 14 April so that we have a good understanding of each resident's plans and current status.

I am a resident at Silwood Park or Evelyn Gardens and wish to only stay for Period 3 - is this possible?

Yes, residents in Evelyn Gardens and Silwood Park now have the option of remaining in halls for Period 3, and departing for Period 4 (Saturday 26 June).


Wilson House FAQs

Latest update on Wilson House

On Thursday 19 March, we were asked to provide a number of bedspaces at Wilson House for volunteers and key workers in the NHS, given its proximity to St. Mary’s Hospital. Naturally, we wanted to support our NHS at this critical time whilst ensuring our residents who wished to remain had somewhere to stay.

To understand how best to facilitate this, Wilson House residents were asked to let us know what their plans were. Following the transition to remote operations, it became apparent that a high number of residents chose to leave halls of residence at short notice so that they could return to their homes, many of whom indicated they had no intention of returning. 

As such:

Where a resident has indicated they would prefer not to return, we have supported them through releasing them from their contract from the beginning of Period 3 (25 April) and they will no longer be invoiced. If they have left belongings behind, these have been packed and securely stored. 

Anyone who indicated they wished to remain beyond 23rd March was provided a room in the Annexe. The decision to move people to the annexe was based on the responses we got from students (at the time) where it became clear that we had low numbers of residents requiring rooms and capacity within the annexe. This has allowed us to offer the main building to NHS key workers.

No resident at Wilson House has had their accommodation licence terminated prematurely nor has anyone been asked to leave College accommodation. We have supported those that wished to remain and will continue to do so, whilst providing the flexibility of choice to those that have wishes to vacate their rooms early in exceptional circumstances. For anyone who indicated they did not yet know what their plans were, we reached out to discuss this on an individual basis.

We do appreciate that, for Wilson House residents, this process was undertaken in a shorter time frame than we would normally like. We sincerely appreciate your flexibility and support during this period.

If my room is now being used by Key Workers doesn't that mean I'm entitled to a refund under the notice to quit re-let policy?

Your accommodation licence encompasses accommodation in a hall of residence, rather than a specific room. As such, under exceptional circumstances we may sometimes ask residents to move to a new room or a different hall entirely.

In this case, in order to ease the inconvenience on our residents whilst still being able to support our NHS, we have asked residents who are still at Wilson House to move to the Annexe on 23rd/24th March.

Furthermore, under regular circumstances, a ‘notice to quit’ doesn't entitle residents to a retroactive refund.

I've had to move rooms, why can't I get a refund?

We've provided alternative accommodation - your contract is not for a specific room but for accommodation in a hall of residence.

FAQs about remaining or departing halls

What should I do if I am currently unable to depart my halls due to travel restrictions?

A number of travel restrictions are in place domestically and internationally. In line with these restrictions, if you are currently staying in your hall of residence we strongly recommend that you remain there and do not make any further travel plans until the government’s advice changes. 

For those students still in halls with family or friends in the UK who now wish to travel home, government advice states that you should only return home if you are able to do so without using public transport. On returning home, your whole household should begin a period of household isolation for 14 days following  Public Health England  guidance.  

If I have moved out prior to 25th April will I get refunded part of my term 2 invoice?

Under normal circumstances, residents would be liable for any further accommodation fees for the duration of their contract until their room is re-let. If you have chosen to leave your halls to return home, we wish to support you with this decision through cancelling any invoices for Period 3 at this unprecedented time. 

However, our halls remain operational and we intend to fully support any student who wishes to stay. As such, in line with our Licencing Agreement, we are unable to retroactively provide refunds for students who have chosen to leave their halls early. 

How can I return the keys if I have already left?

You will need to post the keys back to the hall. Please send to the Hall Supervisor at [Hall address]. The address for your hall can be found on the halls of residence pages.

What if I terminate my contract but then are required to return to university next term?

The College has fully transitioned to remote-teaching and online examinations. The university will not be expecting students on campus at least until the next academic year. If you have terminated your accommodation contract we will be unable to re-house you at a later date.

Can I move room/halls due to others in my hall self-isolating/financial reasons?

At this current time, we’re unable to facilitate this. We have guidance on how our residents should self-isolate on this page. As outlined in your Licence Agreement we may ask certain residents to move rooms in the coming weeks should it be necessary in order to consolidate staffing and resources. If this is needed, we will communicate with you directly and work with you to ensure this is done in a co-ordinated way. 

I am concerned I will have to move halls if ours halls are needed by the NHS, will this happen and when?

Like many other organisations, we may be requested by the government to provide emergency bed spaces at relatively short notice. Should this happen, we will reach out to you and work with you to ensure this is done in a co-ordinated way.  

When will applications for Evelyn Gardens 2020/21 open / I am a current resident at Evelyn Gardens and would like to stay in halls.

We cannot confirm at this stage when applications will open or whether it will be possible for students to remain at Evelyn Gardens for the next academic year. We are working to provide clarity on this as soon as we can.