Evelyn Gardens is being offered as an accommodation option for returning undergraduates

Evelyn Garden’s Willis Jackson, Holbein and Southwell Halls will be offered to returning undergraduates, except final year students.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about this accommodation. 

Questions you may have

How can I apply to Evelyn Gardens?

More information will be published on this page in the coming week. Applications will open later in March and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Students can contact the Student Hub team with any questions.  

Why is the refurbished Evelyn Gardens being offered to returning students and not first years?

The College has very carefully considered a number of options for this site, given that it does not own Evelyn Gardens and that less than 34 years remains on the lease.

While longer term sustainable options are being considered for supporting the first year accommodation guarantee, the decision has been taken to allocate Evelyn Gardens specifically for returning students (except final year students). The sustainable financial model that was identified for keeping Evelyn Gardens in College use relies on a 51 week contract, a similar length to private sector options for returning students. 

Will the refurbished Evelyn Gardens have wardens like other halls of residence?

As for returning students based in private accommodation, residents of Evelyn Gardens will not have wardens. Support will instead be provided in a different way.

The first point of contact for students will be a 24-hour reception, staffed by a small team during the day and concierge staff linked to the College’s Security team out of hours. In addition, a team of Resident Assistants will live on site and be available to assist with any urgent issues overnight. 

Evelyn Gardens has been used to house first year students in the past. Where will first years be housed?

The College takes very seriously its commitment to offer accommodation to all first year undergraduate students. Details of the accommodation portfolio for 2017-18 are currently being finalised and will be announced on the website in good time for incoming students to submit their preferences following A-level results in August.