The Costume Store
160 Victoria Road
London, W3 6UL
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Victoria Road
London, W3 6UN


You can plan your journey to North Acton at: Transport for London.

  • By bus -the closest stops are stops X & Z in this map
  • By tube - the closest tube station is North Acton (Central Line), which is less than 5 mins walk to The Costume Store & Holbrook
  • By train the closest train station is Acton Main Line, which is about 15 mins walk to The Costume Store & Holbrook
  • By car - Please download The Costume Store & Holbrook Traffic Flow Map 2019

Arrival instructions

Choose your arrival slot

Prior to arrival, you will need to choose your arrival slot in the AccHub portal induction process (link to the induction is included in your accommodation offer letter).

Arrival on Saturday 28 September

If you are intending on arriving on Saturday 28 September, there is no parking directly available on site. You will only be able to drop off luggage with a vehicle waiting for a period of 10-15 minutes, before the vehicle will need to move on.

Limited parking for a further period will be available in the surrounding area, including 150 designated spaces in the nearby Carphone Warehouse car park. If you are parking here, you will need to display the parking notice included on The Costume Store & Holbrook Traffic Flow Map 2019. Further instructions will be provided on the day by Hall and Wardening staff.

Please note that The Costume Store and Holbrook are tall buildings and we ask that you think very carefully about what you bring with you as large amounts of belongings can cause congestion of the lifts and stairwells during the busy moving in period. 

The Costume Store: Arrival on Thursday 26 or Friday 27 September - by public transport only 

Most students will choose to arrive on Saturday 28 September when it will be extremely busy. If you are living in the Costume Store, we recommend you arrive on Thursday 26 or Friday 27 September via public transport.

Please note that only students arriving in North Acton by bus, tube or train can be considered for arrival on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September. It will not be possible to arrive by car on these days as there are no spaces for vehicles to park or wait outside the building. This is only available for The Costume Store residents - Holbrook residents must arrive on or after Saturday 28.