Tips on using letting agents

Tip 1: The Tenant Fees Ban

From 1 June 2019 most fees for tenants will be banned.

If you sign or renew a tenancy you can no longer be asked to pay for:

  • referencing
  • credit and immigration checks
  • administration
  • renewing your contract

The only fees that you can be charged are:

  • if you are more than 14 days late paying your rent
  • for the cost of replacing a key or fob
  • if you want to end or change a term in your tenancy

Please see the Letting Fees page for further information.

Tip 2: You cannot be charged to view a property

Please be aware that there are some rogue agencies that do not follow the code of practice of the National Association of Estate Agents. Agents cannot lawfully charge to view property address information. This is illegal according to the Accommodation Agency Act 1953, but it does still happen. If you accept these charges there is little chance of your money being returned. Letting Agents have a professional duty of care to ensure that anyone relying on them is offered correct advice.

Tip 3: Types of agency

There are two types of agency; Letting Agents will charge the Landlord for the service of finding tenants. Then there are Accommodation Agents who charge tenants for finding accommodation. Many Estate Agents offer both of these services.

Tip 4: Losing your holding deposit

Please note that Agencies can retain your holding deposit if you change your mind about taking a place you have reserved. This means you could lose all of your holding deposit, so make sure you ask what their policy is before you pay them any money.